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Boujie Bish Wine Tour 


Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

This is an all-day event - Details Below 

General Tickets - $150 



--Light BreakFast Served  @ Ebony Snows Beauty Shop 

*Breakfast will be served as everyone is arriving 

--Limousine  Ride to & From the Vineyards

--Limousine Stocked with All You Can Eat;

Fruit Platters, CheeseTrays, Refreshments & More.

--Limousine Stocked with All You Can Drink;

Beverages, Wine, Champagne & Mimosas

--We Will Visit 3+ Vineyards (based on how much time is left )

Each Vineyard provides  "Flights" of Wine Tastings

Each Flight is 5-6 Wine Drinks poured @ 1 oz ea. 

**Bottles of Wine Can be purchased at the Vineyards 

--Ebony Snows Bags Filled With Boujie Bish Gifts

Includes Tote Bag for any Wine Purchases & ES Wine Glasses for your Limo Drinks

The Limo(s) Will Depart Mid Day and Return Back to Elmwood Buffalo For Your

Private Dinner & Shopping Experience

--Private Dinner & Private Shopping Experience @ Ebony Snows Beauty Shop

There will be an Outdoor Patio Dinner Set Up - Wine Down Candle Lit Dinner Catered

--During & After Dinner, you Can go inside and shop exclusively

use your shopping Spree Credit on Anything in the Store. 

Ebony Snows Beauty Shop Opening Early August 

-- All Tickets Comes with a Shopping Credit 

General Admission - $25

VIP -------------------$75 


--Hosted By WBLKs Michelle Visa

Keepin' the Party Lit to Make sure everyone is having a Good Time 


VIP Tickets - $250

Includes all the above PLUS .....

--All Day Complimentary Edibles

--Includes 2 Wine Tasting Flights

--Extra Crazy Boujie Bag Filled with ES Goodies

--PLUS $75 Gift Card to Shop Ebony Snows Beauty Shop @ the End of the Night 

--VIP Services & Requests & First Picks on any changes needed to be made

(example switch your group, select vineyard to visit ect)


Please Contribute $10+

At the end of our trip to assist in Tips for the

Limo Driver and Caterers 


Please Note!!!

This is a Luxury All-Inclusive Event w/ a Limited Capacity

The Price is marked to cover all costs - this is a pricey event to put together being all Inclusive and barely profitable @ the price marked. I Included only 1 Flight in the General admission tickets as adding more would have compromised keeping the price friendly.

Additional Flights may be purchased at the Vineyards for $10-$12 Ea. 

So you would need a minimum of $25 Extra. Instead of adding that into the ticket price, each participant will just pay the Vineyard Directly Per "Flight 

Keep in mind, this a boujie event for boujie people with the pockets to match!

If the price is not for you - The Event is not for you... :)

Please Keep In Mind

This is an all-day Event - The Vineyard Field is 2 Hours Away -

When we arrive there will be nearly a dozen vineyards in the area.

Time schedule will be provided to Ticket Purchasers 

We will visit 3 -5 vineyards - each vineyard Visit is 30min-1 hr

Depending on the amount of flight Wine Tastings-

Each Flight is 5-6 Wine Drinks poured @ 1 oz ea.

Flights avg @$10-$15 Per flight

The Price is based per Vineyard and Per selection

(Example- Red & White Wine, Sparkling Wine Ect)

The Limousine will pick up each party and Drive them to each Vineyard

We, Will, be breaking up into groups of 10 as the vineyards have limited capacities due to Covid.

Each Group will Visit a separate Vineyard at a time. 

Tickets will include X amount of Included Flights.

Additional Flights may be purchased at the Vineyards for $10-$15 Ea.