Frequently asked questions

Can the Products be used on all hair types ?

Yes Absolutely!

In Fact, That’s the meaning of the Brands Name. Ebony Snow's represent that the product can be used for all ethnicities from black to white, this product is great for all hair types. This product has been tested on all hair types from 1A-4C. We have had women, children and men use this product and all have had great success. From white, Mixed, Hispanic, Asian, African, African American and more. All have loved the success and enhancements they have seen with our product line.

Can I use the products if my hair is permed/relaxed?

Yes of course! This product line is all hair type friendly! However, soon there will be products specifically designed for specific hair needs. Our introductory Products being the Hair Scrub, Serum, Conditioner and Clay Shampoo are all specifically designed with very careful ingredients to cater to all of our most popular hair care needs. In fact this product is BEST for relaxed hair being that it helps to thicken the hair and make it fuller. Seeing that Having relaxed hair is chemically designed to break down the kinkiness of your hair, it in turn will make it thin. If you are relaxed this hair care line is perfect for you because it help achieve the one hair desire that relaxing your hair will take away, Fuller hair! Now who doesnt want nice full well bodied hair :)

Can I use the product if my hair is natural?


Can these products be used on Children?

Yes, We cant leave out our beautiful children :) This product has had the most wonderful success on children! All of the kids who use this product has had great success with hair growth and FAST. We do have a line specifically made for kids. All the same products just altered for a more kid friendly effect. The Kids Scrub is highly moisturizing being enriched with Natural butters, it helps to maintain and manage our kids hair a lot better. All moms who have used the product has reported that the scrub helps make the kids hair more manageable and now wash day and styling are much more of a breeze. The kids scrub is also more user friendly in smell and intensity, The scent is a lemon tart cake that smells just like a lemone cooke. Moms have reported that it smells so good that kids have tried to eat it, so watch out! Luckily our products contains no chemicals unlike these harsh products on the shelves today so if your kid decides they want the forbidden snack at least you wont worry about if theyll be ok! Be sure though, Keep out of reach of children, the product is not meant to be eaten ! :) The oils and scrub are intense in smell and intensity when it comes to the adult line. These products for adults gives an amazing tingling sensation and a wonderful relaxed refreshed scent of peppermint. While use adults will greatly appreciate the smell and intense sensation kids may not find it too pleasant. This is why the kids like was created, to give that same great effect but in a more kid friendly way.

Can the products be used for men?


Can I use the Product with Protective Styles

Yes Absolutely!

If you have protective styles such as braids, sew ins, crochets and more, this product line is perfect for you!

Protective styles that are installed properly can have many benefits on the hair. It can help with hair growth, reducing manipulation on the hair and just give an easy ready to go experience with styling our hair daily.

Now, there are a few downsides to protective styles

  1. Protective styles can make your hair itch!

This product cures itching! Like it literally goes away, immediately! It has also been proven to last a few days. The Hair growth and renewal serum can be applied with our dropper nozzle to pretty much any protective style. Just find access to your scalp, apply the nozzle directly and apply throughout the hair. It is recommended to rub in but if you cannot due to limited access on the scalp, that’s ok! The serum is so powerful it will still do the work needed to achieve relief of itching.

  1. Hair Growth-

Protective styles have been known to aid in hair growth and while that may all be true, the combination of protective styles and Ebony Snow's Hair Care Enhancement Line has been shown to highly increase the growth effect by at least 3X

  1. Breakage-

The down side of protective styles is that although it may help increase hair growth, it may in tern occur some breakage due to excessive drying of the hair during the process. The Hair growth and renewal serum is great to apply to keep the hair and scalp nicely and well moisturized. This will help with anti-breakage.

  1. Softness-

Due to your hair not being able to be treated as thoroughly while wearing protective styles, the hair can become dry and brittle. The hair growth and renewal Serum will help make the hair moisturized and soft. We have many reviews of customers excited about how soft their natural hair was once the protective style was taken down.

All thanks to Ebony Snow's Hair Care Enhancement.

How often should I use the products?

Directions will be included once you receive your products. They have recommneded usage but you mayu use as often as you like or often as you can.